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Learn About Sedona Condos and Townhouses

Sedona CondosShould I move into a Condo or townhome? Is this kind of living right for me?

Condominiums and Townhouses can be a real bargain in Sedona and surrounding areas, especially now that prices have come down considerably. The trick is to determine if they are the best housing choice for you.

One of the biggest pluses of Condos/Townhouses is the ease of maintenance. Most condo/townhouses have some kind of Home Owners Association (HOA) to maintain the property. The HOA normally maintains the exterior of the building, the grounds, and any exterior features such as pools, clubhouse, tennis courts, etc. Most HOAs have a monthly fee of $125 or more to cover these maintenance expenses, generally the more the HOA maintains, the higher the monthly fee. Condos/Townhouses tend to be good investments, many are vacation or second homes for owners and are rented when not being used.

Condos/Townhouses are also ideal for people who are downsizing and don't want the hassle of maintaining their home themselves. With the HOA covering most of the building and the ground maintenance, the owner just has to concern themselves with maintaining the interior of the unit. Most owners just have to obtain the equivalent of tenants insurance to protect the contents of the Condo, the HOA insures the building itself.


The owner of a townhome has property rights that extend to some of the grounds around the townhome and the air above it. By contrast, a condominium owner's property rights only extend to the walls of the structure. Both usually require Home Associations Fees to pay for maintenance cost of common areas including landscaping, pathways between structures, pools, spa etc. In a condominium exterior walls and roofs are always the responsibility of the association. In a townhouse , they're usually not included. Check the homeowners manual to see if they are.

Condos/Townhomes located throughout Sedona and surrounding areas are available in a variety styles and price ranges. Call us to see if you are a candidate for Sedona condo or townhouse living.

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